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Kanji: 湊 友希那
English: Yukina Minato

Name: Yukina Minato
School: Haneoka Girls' High School
2 - B (Season 1)/3- A
School Year: Second (Season 1)/Third
Colour: #5a46a9
CV: Aiba Aina (相羽 あいな)
Birthday: October 26 (Scorpio)
Height: 155 cm
Liked Food: Honey tea, cookies made by Lisa
Disliked food: Bitter melon (and other bitter things)
Instruments: Vocals
Hobbies: None

Yukina is a powerful vocalist, sparking the admiration of the other Roselia members. She has a strong-willed and stubborn personality and doesn't smile much in public. She pursues her beliefs with reckless devotion, causing her to be blind to everything else around her. She is best friends with Imai Lisa and considers Mitake Ran somewhat of a rival. She has a weak spot for cats.

minato yukina * trivia

   She used to be known as the Lone-Wolf Songstress due to her rejecting offers from talent agencies and choosing to work by herself before the formation of Roselia.
   She puts a lot of sugar into her coffee due to disliking bitter things.
   Yukina is secretly fond of Kasumi because of her semblance to a cat.
   Her love for rock music is so huge that she can recognize any song just by the intro.
   Yukina knows how to play the guitar and uses it to compose songs for Roselia.
   She is bad at cooking and other household chores.
   Yukina loves cats so much that she sometimes mishears some words as "cat," as said in the loading 1-komas.
   She used to own a cat when she was younger.

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